Californian breaks in Devon

Stunning bays and fisherman’s wharves, surfer’s beaches and national parks. California is a long-haul flight, so discover a similar holiday lifestyle in our beautiful south-west. Rugged coastlines, spectacular seafood, and a stunning countryside reconnect with nature in this California-like county. Head to the sandy shores of Salcombe for a relaxing beach getaway, to the north-coast village of Croyde -  a watersports haven - or to the tropical microclimate of The English Riviera for delicious fresh fish dishes and a crisp glass of wine, beneath palm trees in pacific-blue bays.   Embark on the breathtaking Tarka Trail that takes you across the enchanting Exmoor National Park and through the dramatic Valley of the Rocks, with your dog by your side. Treat yourself to some of Devon’s mouthwatering specialities at the Winking Prawn, indulge at the Dartmouth Food Festival, or discover the delicious Devon Cream Tea. This is your world away, in Devon.

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